10 Reasons To Choose Milwaukee's Best Massage

1. Our work is guaranteed! If you are not happy with your massage, then you don't owe us a cent. We stand behind every massage we give, and want you to leave feeling relaxed and recharged and for your pain to be minimized.

You take zero risk by choosing Milwaukee's Best Massage, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Other than honestly talking with your therapist before and during the session about your expectations, all we ask you to do before you leave is to fill out a brief session questionnaire explaining the reason for your displeasure so that we can learn from the experience.

2. Get the FULL 60-minutes, 90-minutes or 2-hours! While other places only give you a 40, 50 or 80 minute massage, we always give you the full length of your session on the massage table (as long as you arrive on time).

Your massage time only starts once you get on the table and the therapist actually begins palpating you. We don't count the time it may take to fill out the intake form, or for you to get undressed and redressed afterwards.

3. A FULL BODY Massage that includes your back, thighs, abdominal muscles, gluteus (butt muscles), arms, hands, scalp, face and feet. When your muscles ache, they need serious massage and stretching!

Why ignore the most important muscle groups and stress-prone areas? The body doesn't end in one place and start in another. It's all connected, so we massage every muscle we can (or focus on the areas you request) in the time allotted to induce a feeling of mind and body wellness and total pain relief.

4. A spa like environment – Three beautifully decorated, therapy rooms, complete with:

Therapy Room Couples
  • Soft Lighting
  • 400 Count Egyptian Cotton Linens
  • Hand Mixed Organic Massage Oils
  • Great Music To Listen To During Your Massage
  • Heated Massage Tables

5. DEEP PRESSURE! You get deeper pressure (but not painful), plus stretching combined with long, fluid movements for a massage that is relaxing and energizing. A well placed elbow can feel sublime when relieving tight muscles.

Our use of proven Swedish Massage, Hawaiian, Thai and Tui Na massage techniques help us to go really deep, even it means getting on the massage table to deliver the pressure needed to exorcise those aches and pains from your back. In the meantime, we'll shake those hips and pelvis, stretch you, pull you, lift you up and go as deep as necessary.

All of our techniques are designed to to give you back your mobility, release pent up energy and get you ready to go on living. So leave your fears behind you and take a few deep breaths. You'll enjoy the journey of reconnecting to a state of bliss of well being.

6. Our healing hands, positive energy and warm touch restores your mind, body and spirit. We love what we do and it shows! Men and women are always welcome.

Plus, our massage therapists are down-to-earth, non-judgmental and truly appreciate you. When you visit MBM, you can leave the political correctness in your office where it belongs. You can say what you want, laugh all you want, relax all you want, sing all you want, be quiet all you want, and just be you without the fear of being judged.

7. Great prices - A one hour customized therapeutic relaxation massage is just $70, 90-minute massages are $95, and our 2-hour luxury massage are just $150. Our 4-hand massages, prenatal massages and couples massages are amazingly affordable too.

Do the research...we charge less and provide a way better experience than most spas, clinics or fitness clubs.

And the way we make you feel — is priceless!

Full Massage

8. A modern perspective on the human body and massage therapy. In addition to the medical benefits of massage, we consider massage a celebration of touch. It's exhilarating. Cathartic. Healing.

So undress to your level of comfort, slide beneath the sheet or towel and give yourself permission to enjoy the way your therapist(s) and the music make you feel.

We excel at one thing: MAKING YOU FEEL BETTER! Trust your body to a trained massage specialist dedicated to your relief! While you're at it, remember that it's okay to laugh. It's a massage not a first date!

9. Same room Couples Massages! — We make every day feel like Valentine's Day. So few places in Milwaukee even offer couples massage, let alone same room couples massage. We do BOTH with style.

10. OPEN 7 DAYS - BETWEEN 10am - 8pm. Whether you are a homemaker, a grandparent, a busy parent, a designer, an investor, a physician, a dancer, a fellow massage therapist, an IT consultant, an HR manager, a firefighter, an educator, a celebrity, a politician, or an executive, we understand that you have a busy life.

We keep hours that let you take advantage of the precious free time you manage to find and use it on a great one-hour, hour and a half or two-hour massage. Just make an appointment!

So there you are. 10 really great reasons to choose Milwaukee's Best Massage. What are you waiting for?

Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.