Chakra Massage

Chakra Clearing, Balancing Sessions and Energy Massage

We are more than just physical beings.

We and everything around us is made up of energy. This energy connects us to one another, allows us to connect to the universe, attracting love, health, positivity and joy. The goal is to live a life that keeps our energy levels and accessibility to and perceptiveness to the energy around us in an optimal state.

Some of the ways we keep our energy high, pure and receptive is this through prayer, meditation, proper food and liquid intake, exercise, massage, good works, educating ourselves, keeping our minds active, deliberately connecting with others, visualizations, affirmations, and developing (and implementing) specific action plans for the different areas of our lives.

One of the ways of understanding our interdependence on energy is to study the concept of chakras. Various philosophies teach that the body is made of up 7 primary chakras or energy wheels.

These chakras -- located along the crown, forehead, throat, chest, solar plexus, sacrum and feet -- are constantly spinning. Each chakra has a specific function and corresponds loosely with the endrocrine system.

Collectively, our chakras keep us healthy and whole. They allow us to receive and send energy.

Sometimes, one or more of the chakras can get unbalanced or polluted with negative energy (either through being around negative people, making poor choices or failure on our part to tend to our own emotional, mental, physical or spiritual needs).

Unbalanced chakras can lead to a variety of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. When we experience times in our lives when we feel "off" or we can't seem to "find our groove" or we keep attracting "losers and vampires" into our personal world, it is generally a sign that chakras are misaligned or blocked.

That headache for instance, may be originating from a polluted chakra. Aspirin might temporarily mask the pain. But as long the chakra is out of balance, the headaches will probably continue. Even the feelings of anger or insecurity or jealousy you might be experiencing may be the result of misaligned chakras.

To assist you, we are excited to offer you customized chakra based energy and bodywork sessions. The object is removing energy blocks which are the cause of real pain and align your energy centers to promote a feeling a wholeness.

Throughout your session, your practitioner(s) focus on clearing blockages and restoring the proper flow and balance of your energy.

Each session combines the right combination of energy work and healing therapy. This includes the use of touch and non-touch to open up and balance your chakras and heal blockages in you aura and muscles.

You are encouraged to let go and say what needs to be said to help you on your journey to forgiveness and reconnecting with the present.

Your energy work practitioner uses God's universal healing energy and unconditional love to help you to become whole again. We are vessels, and by laying hands on you, we create an awareness that relaxes and restores.

You are in a safe, loving, trusting, non-judgmental space designed to make you feel better than you have in a very long time.

Chakras Elements

Based on your needs, the sessions may also incorporate the use of crystal and/or stone therapy, light and deeper touch, visualization and sensation stimuli. We also have put together the finest collection of music to promote healing and help you to let go of the memories or trapped energy that might be causing you chronic pain.

You can also expect to take part in guided breathing and stretching. Custom blended aromatherapy gently fills the room to put you into an optimal state of well-being.

You will feel happier, more focused, more relaxed and energized.

More specifically, as a result of your chakra and energy massage sessions:

  • You feel more grounded
  • You have more sexual and creative energy
  • You enjoy deeper emotional relationships and a balanced worklife
  • You experience more compassion and a stronger desire to serve
  • You become more intuitive, and be able to communicate and express yourself more clearly
  • You become more self-aware and attuned to your own needs and desires
  • Ultimately, you experience a deeper connection to the universe and to others

Each chakra balancing and energy work session lasts between 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The cost for a 60-minute energy session is $90. For a 90-minute energy healing session, the cost is $120.

Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.