Couples Massage

It's Time to Experience the Ultimate COUPLES MASSAGE from Milwaukee's Best Massage!

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Looking for the best massage for couples?

Couples Massage

If you've wanted to experience a sensational couples massage, then here is your chance.

Our spacious massage facility is located in Wauwatosa (just 1.9 miles south of Mayfair Mall).

Milwaukee's top massage, energy work and relaxation specialists will massage you and your partner.

Our couples massage is a wonderful way to spend time together (and get that much needed massage you've wanted for yourself).

Whether the two of you are just dating, are newly weds or have been together for years, both of you will love the experience and likely become massage addicts!



When you arrive each of you will fill out a brief intake form (you may also fill this out ahead of time and bring it with you) and meet your practitioners.

We'll take a few minutes to discuss your preferences and learn more about your goals and expectations, preferred massage styles (Relaxation/Nurturing, Deep-Tissue & Stretching, Energy Balancing) and crucial focal points.


Proceed to the couples massage area and remove your clothing (to your level of comfort) and accessories, putting them on the clothing hooks and personal items shelf.

Experienced massage clients tend to be comfortable removing all their clothes (since you'll always be properly covered by a towel or sheet).

But if you prefer to keep your underwear on, that is perfectly acceptable. We suggest bikini briefs.

Then, each of you lays down on one of the comfortable (heated) massage tables, beneath the soft sheets.

At your therapist's cue, you'll take a few deep breaths to help you get centered and begin to relax..

Relax in a warm, intimately lit room side by side with your special someone while delightful aromas dance through the air. We use only therapeutic grade essential oils to assist with tension release, relaxation and wellness.

And you will love our music selections! You can even choose from an awesome playlist of music (spa, R&B, jazz, country, or classic rock) hand-picked exclusively for couples.

You may even bring in your own iPod to listen your the songs that mean the most to you and your loved one!

Enjoy as the music softly plays in the background while you're expertly massaged from top to bottom for an hour, hour and a half or two hours.

Throughout the massage, you can talk to one another, hold hands, chat with your therapist, or just enjoy the experience in silence. We want you to enjoy yourself!

Massages are meant to be enjoyable on so many different levels - the last thing you need is to be in an uptight, stuffy environment. It's cool to relax, decompress and let yourself laugh. This is all about making the two of you happy, relaxed and completely comfortable!

Couples are treated to a full body massage. So, we'll be sure to include your arms and hands, thighs, legs and feet, back and glute muscles, head, stomach, scalp, neck and shoulders.

We keep your genital areas covered at all times. Those areas are not massaged. You many also specify if you prefer that other traditionally massaged areas be avoided (in the event you are ticklish, or simply want your therapist to spend more time on the areas that are causing discomfort). One of our goals is to melt away your stress and put you into a state of bliss.

Our couples massages are romantic, professional and a celebration of human touch therapy without being too syrupy or pretentious. You BOTH DESERVE this down time, so enjoy every second of it!


You will both feel really really really good and need a minute or two to come back to earth. We leave the couples room so that you can redress and collect yourselves (and think about the afternoon or evening that awaits the two of you after you leave).

You'll meet with your therapists to take care of the session (we accept cash or credit cards; you may also pre-pay for the session ahead of time or prior to arriving).

We promise that the two of you will feel amazing!!!

Rates for Traditional Couples RELAXATION Massage (includes a full-body massage for each of you at the same time & in the same room, music, aromatherapy, 2 practitioners, 2 massage tables and flowers and chocolates):

  • 60 Minutes - $150 (per couple) *Extra for Deep Tissue
  • 90 Minutes - $200 (per couple) *Extra for Deep Tissue
  • 2 Hour - $250 (per couple) *Extra for Deep Tissue

Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.