Massage For Men

Men Deserve Massage Too!

Soothing, Relaxing, Peaceful, Calming Massage

Massage isn't just for women.

Men need therapeutic massage too. It helps us to relax and to recharge. With all the stresses we face in our daily lives, the benefits of regular massage are undeniable.

Where can a guy go and still feel comfortable?

Milwaukee's Best Massage is the perfect location for men of all ages. You can always count on getting executive treatment and having all of yourprofessionalmassage needs met.

We strongly advocate choosing one or all of our professional male therapists for your massage therapy needs! Why? Our male therapists give you the best massages of your life!

Our massage for men treats you to a powerful experience that leaves you refreshed and relaxed. Light. Medium. Deep. Super Deep. Our therapists combine theright pressure with the right touch. It's the perfect combination of styles, applied with the perfect professional touch.

This exquisite massage for men includes your scalp, ears, face, neck, back, glutes, legs, feet, thighs, stomach, chest and arms.

You can get pampered without feeling like you're in a stuffy spa.

You just get undressed, lay face down on the massage table, use the oversized towel or sheet to cover yourself. Leave the rest to your massage expertas he massages and stretches you for 90-minutes or two-hours. (One-hour sessions are available, but we suggestat least 90-minutes for male clients to get the best results.)

And don't feel embarrassed if you get an erection.

It happens when the nervous system is activated through massage (a sympathetic response a.k.a Fight or Flight). Besides,you will be covered by a towel or sheet the whole time and your arousal will go away eventually. Keep your arms at your side, keep your eyes closed, breathe deeply, stay still and we'll work around it.

Our massages for men are simple, uncomplicated very effective! We promise that you will be back for more professional massages each month (or week).

Your licensed massage therapist will create a massage session that is just right for you. Deep. Light. Energizing. Relaxing. Non-erotic. Meanwhile, your body is nourished with all natural massage oils rich with Vitamin E.

Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.