Massage Rates

Massages available 7 days a week. By appointment only. Same day sessions available. Call 414-899-1905. Cash and Credit Cards accepted.

Custom Relaxation Massage

Eliminates pain and soreness. Relaxes your entire body. Full-body or targeted massage on problem areas. Complete with music, soft lighting and heated massage table.

4-Hand Massage (Two Practitioners)

Two specialists massage your body at the same time while you relax on a heated massage table surrounded by soft music, candles and gentle aromas.

Couple's Massage (Two Practitioners)

You and your partner are massaged at the same time by two relaxation specialists. Includes soothing massage music, soft candle light and heated massage tables.

Focal Massage

Get an intense massage just on the area(s) that need the most attention. Choose from Neck, Head and Shoulder Massage; Upper and Lower Back Massage; Glutes, Thigh and Calf Massage; Hands and Feet Massage.

Energy Massage

Our unique massage combines the power of deep-tissue massage and extensive chakra balancing to heal your body, melt blockages caused through years of pent up anxiety, stress and frustration.

Chair Massage

Bring massage to your organization and provide your employees with instant relief from stress so that they can be more productive, while providing higher morale instantly! We are also available for massage parties, birthdays, tradeshows and other special events.

For your convenience, cash and credit cards are accepted.

Milwaukee's Best Massage
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Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.