Massage What To Expect

What to expect when you arrive...

Tell us where it hurts.

To shorten the time it takes to begin the massage, please fill out the massage evaluation and acknowledgement sheet ahead of time and bring it with you to your appointment.

If you don't have it, we'll need you to fill one out when you arrive.

You'll fill this out and we'll chat a bit in our inviting reception area.

This lets us know about any existing conditions, recent surgeries or off-limit areas so that your massage experience is smooth and safe. Your feedback allows us to create a customized massage that will best support your massage goals.

Reception Room


You'll be escorted to one of the massage therapy rooms where your session will take place.

You'll be shown where to place you clothes and belongings.

Your therapist also advises you on what position to lay on the massage table (face up or face down) as well as where you can put your arms for ultimate comfort.

Then, when you're ready, your therapist will leave the room so that you can undress to your level of comfort and lay on the massage table, face down, to begin the massage.

When you lay down, you'll slide beneath the draping provided. You will be draped once you turn over as well.

Luxury Massage

We want you to feel relaxed, so if you have any special requests or preferences, please let us know.

FYI: Removing all of your clothes is the norm, since your private areas will always be covered. We want you to be comfortable, so you can leave on or take off whatever you like.

Remember that the massage room is always a perfect temperature so that you don't have to worry about being too hot or too cold.

The signature massage session overview

We will relax you from head to toes. Your massage therapist starts from your scalp, neck and shoulders and slowly works their way down to your feet.

If your goal is relaxation, we move slowly across your body to remove stress and create a heightened feeling of peace, tranquility and serenity. You will be pampered completely, putting your mind and body at rest.

If you're in need of deep relief from pain, we'll spend more time (sometimes the entire session) on problem areas that are causing you discomfort. We'll work on the knots, kinks and tight muscles.

Based on what your body needs and what feel the best way to achieve your goals, we'll alternate between Deep tissue massage to Swedish, Lomilomi, On-table Asian massage, Thai-Style Yoga stretches and Esalen style massage to a special light touch technique developed through years of practice.

Massage Toes

Soft touch can be highly therapeutic, as it promotes healing, circulation and enhances your feeling of total well-being.

We have the perfect specialty massage style that is right for you. Click on this link to learn more about each!

Then, you'll turn over and your practitioner starts again, either from the top or bottom moving slowing and deliberately to make sure your muscles get the attention they need.

We work out your kinks by focusing on sore muscles or areas prone to stress build-up.

You'll feel muscles you never knew you had!

When the session has ended you'll feel amazing!

Your practitioner will leave the room so that you can redress and collect yourself. Afterwards, you'll pay for your visit, and be on your way; stress-free and recharged.

If you like, we can schedule a follow-up appointment before you leave. Click here to read more about our luxury massages.

Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.