Our Services

Sessions are available between 10am - 8pm, 7 days a week, by appointment only. For your convenience, we accept cash and credit cards. Packages are available!

All massages include soothing massage music & soft lighting, hand-mixed oils, 400ct. linens, & heated massage tables.

Based on your needs, your therapist may choose to include: On-table Asian Massage, Yoga Style Stretching, LomiLomi, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Polarity Therapy, & Energy Work. Learn about our unique massages here.

Energy Balancing Massage

Open up your body's energy pathways (chakras & meridians). Release energy blockages that may cause imbalances & chronic pain via Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Sacred LomiLomi, Reflexology, & Acupressure. Intense & potentially life-changing!

2-Hour Full Body Luxury Massage

Ultimate pampering for the touch enthusiast. An exquisite combination of pressure, energy work & touch therapies, plus custom-blended aromas, essential oils & specially selected music. Includes time at the end of the session to nap or meditate.

Relaxation & Nurturing Massage

Long, slow, gentle strokes work paired with compassionate, nurturing touch. The perfect way to recover from stress, separation, anxiety, trauma, surgery, and recent loss.

These can be full-body or just focus on the areas you like to be massaged most (i.e. feet, hands, scalp, back, neck, shoulders).

Sweet Pain" Deep Tissue Energy & Stretching

Recover from over-worked muscles, stored tension, or your weekend of wild debauchery. Includes Thai & Yoga Style stretching, muscle stripping & energy work to help your body recover faster.

4-Hand Touch Therapy Massage

Two therapists pamper you at the same time.

Couples Massage

(Two Therapists, Two Tables)

Each of you receives the session of your choice (relaxation/nurturing touch, deep tissue/stretching or energy balancing) under the attention of two touch therapists at the same time, side-by-side in the same room (separate rooms are also available).

Prices based on the length & type of session each of you choose, plus an additional $10 per couple.

or try an...

Alternating Couples Massage

(One Therapist, One Table)

Each of you take turns getting massaged by your therapist AND each other. During the session, you'll each receive hands-on practice & helpful instruction on how to massage your partner. Fun, instructional and romantic!

All Couples Sessions include soothing music & intimate lighting, soft linens.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Your therapist uses Hot Volcanic Stones to help treat stubborn knots and relieve aching muscles faster. True therapeutic pleasure!

  • 90 Minutes ($130)

Seated Chair Massage

Enjoy a seated chair massage at our location, or at your company, spa party or special event. Our seated chair massages focus on using healing energy, Tui Na & acupressure to relieve stress in your head, neck, shoulders, calves, back & arms.

$1 per minute (up to 30-minutes per person) or $60 per hour per therapist

MBM Packages

Purchase 10 of your favorite sessions in advance and save 20%! You may also share your prepaid sessions with with family & friends. A great value.

The answers to most of your questions will be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.

Please note: Appointments are subject to our cancellation policy. If you are going to be late or unable to come please call and let us know so we can plan accordingly.